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Global Universal’s film Plaster Rock part of Silver Wave Film Festival…

New Brunswick film festival marks its 10th anniversary with full roster of feature films, docs, shorts and more…

The 10th annual Silver Wave Film Festival brings a flurry of film and festivities to Fredericton this week.

“With our 10th festival anniversary, new sponsors, new screening programs and new awards, we are entering yet another chapter of the festival,” says Tony Merzetti, executive director of New Brunswick Film Co-op. “The festival is about the love of cinema and we know that our audience will find something to love at the Silver Wave this year.”

Films will showcase a variety of genres, including Iranian, Canadian and International shorts, French, student, youth and documentaries. This year’s festival, running Thursday to Sunday, boasts a lineup of more than 80 films.

‘Plaster Rock: Terror on the Tobique’

With an all New Brunswick cast and crew, Plaster Rock: Terror on the Tobique was filmed in the rural community of Riley Brook. The thriller-horror begins with a test of athletics that turns into a quest for survival. Director Jackie Giroux caught wind of a murder story in the area in the 1930s and Plaster Rock became her next project. While four former female and male athletes are set to participate in a wilderness cross-country skiing contest, set in a remote location only accessible by boat, they quickly realize there’s more than $250,000 on the line. It’s their lives. The quest to survive includes a solid cast of New Brunswick actors, including: Jessica Holt, Christine Johnson, Eric Leffler, Michael Mascucci, Frank Molina, Jason Nicholson, Lalesha Railsback, Kelsey Wilson and Peter Loughran.


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