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Global Renaissance May Make Films in Allen Park


ALLEN PARK, Mich. – There new hope for making Allen Park the Hollywood of Michigan. The city has attracted a film school and a new outside investor who’s promising to make more movies.

Arthur Wylie says he stands ready to invest “probably anywhere between a million and two million dollars” to start making movies in Allen Park. He company is called Global Renaissance.

“My real estate broker called me, said we got a facility… here in Detroit, Michigan, Allen Park area, and I think they have everything that you need,” Wylie said. “I said, ‘No, that’s impossible to have everything that I need.’ He said, ‘No, every single thing already ready to go.'”

Then locally, there’s the Center for Film Studies relocating to the same site near Southfield and I-94.

“Center for Film Studies is training people for jobs in the film industry, entry level or technical jobs like grip, lighting, production assistant, set building,” said Mort Meisner with the school.

All which begs the question whatever happened to the much hyped Unity Studios with its watercolor renderings of a studio lot like Warner Brothers.

“Unity has reduced down… the expectation,” said Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano. “We knew there (were) some issues because the county did not offer a Renaissance Zone at that time, which Unity asked for.”

“I don’t want to take anything away from Unity. They still are a tenant on-site. They are current with the dues. I think that it got a little blown out of proportion the entire episode,” said Allen Park Mayor Gary Burtka.

Conversely, Wylie says he’s got big name producers on his side, such as Mark Ordesky, who was an executive producer for the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy of movies.

Allen Park’s mayor tells us that Wylie’s company is not yet a paying tenant on-site. In fact, they’re sort of crashing at the Stautzenberger Institute where people learn how to be personal trainers and massage therapists.

“Arthur Wylie is actually occupying space here,” Burtka said. “They’ve been here for quite some time, and they’re reviewing everything that’s going on here.”

Wylie says filming could begin by year’s end… SEE VIDEO


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