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Global Universal Debuts Slate of Films at the American Film Market

Los Angeles, CA – (WORLD STOCK WIRE) – October 20, 2009 — Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (“Global”), a publicly traded entertainment Company (OTC Pink Sheets: GBHL), announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Global Universal Film Group, Inc. (Global Films), together with its Canadian affiliate, Global Universal Pictures (Global Pictures), will debut a slate of films at its first attendance at the world renowned American Film Market (AFM), to be held this November 4th through the 11th, in Santa Monica, California. Global Universal Offices at the AFM will be located in the Lowes Hotel, Room 220.

Jackelyn Giroux, President of Global Pictures, stated “We are excited to be presenting the exclusive release of AMERICAN SUNSET, starring Corey Haim and Frank Molina, at our red carpet world premiere at the Santa Monica Laemmle Theatre on November 9th at 7 30 PM, with both actors attending and signing autographs. A private party with many of Haim’s exclusive fans is planned afterwards. In addition, AMERICAN SUNSET will have two buyer screenings at the Loews Screening Room on Saturday, Nov 7th at 11 AM, and again on Sunday Nov. 8th at 1 PM.”

Another film produced by Global Pictures, BLUE SEDUCTION, starring Billy Zane and Estella Warren, also will have a limited showing at the AFM market.

Global CEO, Gary Rasmussen, commented that, “In addition to AMERICAN SUNSET, Global Films will be representing Freelance Filmworks’ award winning film, ROUNDS, starring Mark Atienza, and Billy Drago and featuring James Handy. ROUNDS won “Best Drama”, “Best Screenplay” and “Best Actor” (Mark Atienza) at the 29th Annual Breckinridge Festival of Film 2009, and will be shown to buyers at the Global Universal offices at AFM in Room 220 at the Lowes Hotel.

Ms. Giroux further added, “Global Pictures and Global Films, our film sales subsidiary, will have four exclusive films from New Brunswick, Canada: COO COO CAFÉ, co-starring Barbara Carrera and Wayne Rogers, LAKE FRONT, directed by Doug Sutherland, WOMEN WITHOUT WINGS, winner of the Silver Remi Award, Houston Worldfest, and THE BAKE UP MAN, starring Isabelle Cyr.”

Global Universal has recently finalized financing on their third film this year, PLASTER ROCK, about a group of murders which took place in a hunting lodge fifteen years ago. The new film will be produced in Canada by Jackelyn Giroux, president of Global Pictures.

Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. is a public Company, traded on the “OTC” under the symbol, GBHL. The Company goal is building a global entertainment organization. GBHL, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Global Universal Film Group, Inc. (http://www.globaluniversal.com), and its partially-owned Canadian subsidiary Global Universal Pictures, is in the process of developing and producing a slate of six to eight motion pictures. GBHL is focused on the financing and production of feature-length films, with recognizable names, for worldwide release. GBHL, through another wholly owned subsidiary, You’ve Got The Part, Inc. http://www.youvegotthepart.com, will attempt to capitalize on the current popularity of Hollywood and reality based programming. Coverage of GBHL’s common stock has been initiated by “The Wall Street Corner” (www.wallstreetcorner.com/daily.html).

Further information on the Company and/or its publicly traded stock can be obtained by contacting the company at: contact@globaluniversal.com or (877) 807-8880. URL: WWW.GLOBALUNIVERSAL.COM

SOURCE: Global Universal Film Group, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of
Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GBHL)

Gary Rasmussen, CEO
Global Entertainment Holdings
650 N. Bronson
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Phone: 877-807-8880

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