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N.B. actress gets her break

angelac“Isn’t it ironic?” laments Alanis Morissette, but living proof is soon to be displayed, for all to see, by Angela Cullins, as the lead actress in the Global Universal Inc. feature film “American Sunset”. Playing alongside the reenergized Corey Haim and New York’s dynamo Frank Molina in this suspense-filled thriller, written and produced by Jackie Giroux, Cullins is ecstatic. “My dream is coming true, hell it’s every actor’s dream, to have a lead role in a major production,” proclaims Cullins. “I have to almost pinch myself because not only has it happened but to have it happen here in New Brunswick is surreal!”

American Sunset, shot in the Moncton and Fredericton area, is a suspense-filled turnstile of emotional demons engulfing one man’s obsession to be in the real moment amidst his wife’s abduction by a man he believes is a crazed kidnapper. Corey Haim plays “Tom”, an ex-soldier home from Iraq who is on the edge as the police are unable to help find his wife “Samantha” (Angela Cullins). As Giroux says “a sinister voice calls up and gives clues that must be followed. It’s completely action-filled; you have no idea who… READ MORE

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