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Archive for June, 2009

Global Universal Wraps Filming on American Sunset – Its Second Feature Film in Canada

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc., a publicly traded entertainment Company (OTC: GBHL), announced that its Canadian affiliate, Global Universal Pictures (GUP), has completed filming of the action thriller American Sunset starring Corey Haim (Lost Boys).

GBHL CEO Gary Rasmussen stated that “post production work has begun and Kaleidoscope Entertainment, the Canadian distributor for American Sunset, will begin working with the film’s sales agent, Global Universal Film Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of GBHL, on a release schedule that will occur later this year.”

Jacqueline Giroux, President of GUP, wrote American Sunset and co-produced the film with Marc Savoie of The Postman in Moncton, Canada, who is providing post-production services. Michael Masucci directed American Sunset. A trailer for American Sunset is available for viewing on the GBHL website at www.globaluniversal.com/projects.htm.

The Company’s first feature length film, Blue Seduction, starred Billy Zane (Titanic, BloodRayne, Sniper) and Estella Warren (Planet of the Apes, Law & Order) and was directed by Timothy Bond. Blue Seduction is being distributed by Image in Media, Anchor Bay Entertainment and Starz Media

Mr. Rasmussen further commented, “With the start of distribution of Blue Seduction, the completion of American Sunset and pre-production started on our third film, GBHL’s financing strategy, which incorporates low investment risk with significant upside potential, is certainly being well received. I urge everyone to visit our website www.globaluniversal.com to keep abreast of our progress and view our latest trailers for an idea of the quality of films our team is producing.”

Ms. Giroux announced that, “We will be inviting our investors for a private screening of our films this July in Fredericton and Moncton, New Brunswick to introduce our Canadian Film Fund. The fund will allow investors to participate in both the common stock of GBHL, as well as an equity position in our continuing production of a slate of films for the coming year.”

Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. is a public Company, traded on the “OTC” under the symbol, GBHL. The Company goal is building a global entertainment organization. GBHL, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Global Universal Film Group, Inc. (http://www.globaluniversal.com), and its partially-owned Canadian subsidiary Global Universal Pictures, is in the process of developing and producing a slate of six to eight motion pictures. GBHL is focused on the financing and production of feature-length films, with recognizable names, for worldwide release. GBHL, through another wholly owned subsidiary, You’ve Got The Part, Inc. http://www.youvegotthepart.com, will attempt to capitalize on the current popularity of Hollywood and reality based programming. Coverage of GBHL’s common stock has been initiated by “The Wall Street Corner” (www.wallstreetcorner.com/daily.html).

Further information on the Company and/or the publicly traded stock can be obtained by contacting Worldwide Financial Solutions at: wfsolutions@gmail.com or (765) 780-0915.

Major film helps put N.B. on the map

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Sean Patterson has at least 15 years of film experience behind him to prepare for his first gig as first assistant director for the recently completed Global Universal Inc. production “American Sunset”. The Saint John native played a major role in the overall process of guiding the shoot, aligning himself with Director Michael Masucci’s vision and perception of every scene. He then ensures the set synchronicity reflects what the director requires, even demands.

To do the job you must be a master of all trades (if not in practice, at least in theory) to obtain the maximum from any and all skills required on set. You have to know what asking others to do is possible, practical, effective and safe. You have to be clear and concise, communicate effectively “” your call is the production’s command to do something and their work/safety is in your hands. You must be decisive while under time and budget constraints. A movie set is a constantly… READ MORE

N.B. actress gets her break

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

angelac“Isn’t it ironic?” laments Alanis Morissette, but living proof is soon to be displayed, for all to see, by Angela Cullins, as the lead actress in the Global Universal Inc. feature film “American Sunset”. Playing alongside the reenergized Corey Haim and New York’s dynamo Frank Molina in this suspense-filled thriller, written and produced by Jackie Giroux, Cullins is ecstatic. “My dream is coming true, hell it’s every actor’s dream, to have a lead role in a major production,” proclaims Cullins. “I have to almost pinch myself because not only has it happened but to have it happen here in New Brunswick is surreal!”

American Sunset, shot in the Moncton and Fredericton area, is a suspense-filled turnstile of emotional demons engulfing one man’s obsession to be in the real moment amidst his wife’s abduction by a man he believes is a crazed kidnapper. Corey Haim plays “Tom”, an ex-soldier home from Iraq who is on the edge as the police are unable to help find his wife “Samantha” (Angela Cullins). As Giroux says “a sinister voice calls up and gives clues that must be followed. It’s completely action-filled; you have no idea who… READ MORE