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Global Universal Film Group, (GUFG), another wholly owned subsidiary, will serve as the sales arm for Global Universal, with the responsibility of negotiating worldwide film distribution arrangements for films produced by Global Universal Entertainment and Global Universal Pictures.

The most important reason that Global Universal is able to attract quality film distribution partners is the extensive relationships developed by its Management Team. A lifetime of performance, honesty and integrity in the industry attracts other quality people.

Of nearly equal importance to the quality of the film are the people selected to handle film distribution. This includes the commercial exploitation of the film in the U.S. and international markets including theatrical exhibition, home video distribution (DVDs, videocassettes, etc.), television exhibition (including pay-per-view, pay, network, syndication and basic cable), merchandising and other ancillary rights (such as books, soundtracks, and video games) and “non-theatrical exhibition” (such as airlines, cruise ships, hotels and armed forces facilities).

Global Universal Film Group will decide on the general “market plan” for each film, project future sales, obtain commitments and pre-sales from domestic and/or foreign outlets as well as provide possible co-financing and minimum guarantees for the Investor and shareholders prior to distribution.

The completion of each “in-house” produced film will add to the Global Universal library, which will be leveraged to facilitate future film financing, as well as building long-term shareholder value by creating an additional profit center and a growing asset base.

“Blue Seduction”, starring Billy Zane (Titanic, BloodRayne) and Estelle Warren (Supermodel, Planet of the Apes, Law & order), was successfully completed “on budget” and “on time”, and was delivered in March of 2009 for worldwide film distribution. The first showing is planned in the second quarter of 2009, on Canadian television. GUFG is continuing discussions with several film distribution companies to co-finance and distribute the remaining pictures in Global Universal’s planned slate of feature length films for 2009.

Global Universal currently controls a the library of feature films that were produced and licensed from Jackie Giroux prior to its acquisition by Global Entertainment Holdings. Films such as “Deadly Intent”, “Distortions”, “Coo Coo Café”, “Damsel of Death” and others, are now part of the Company’s library, as well as many scripts planned for production. Some of the films comprising the library were past award nominees at various film festivals. “Distortions” was recently re-licensed by Hearst Entertainment for television and jackie Giroux is currently structuring an agreement for a limited film distribution release of “Coo Coo Café” and “Damsel of Death.”

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